Diane Shallcross, APRN, PMHNP


I offer nonjudgmental care to help clients gain improvement in mood and functionality. My goal is to work with individuals to bolster coping strategies, reframe negative thinking, and improve overall quality of life. I am licensed and board-certified to diagnose, prescribe for, and treat a variety of mental health conditions across the lifespan. My approach to care includes psychoeducation and therapeutic interventions, and often suggest innovative treatment modalities such as psychedelic therapy (SPRAVATO®) for treatment-resistant depression and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to treat OCD and depression.

I have extensive psychiatric and emergency nursing experience. Most recently, I worked in community mental health on a crisis stabilization team. During that time, I served clients living with serious mental illness. My role was to stabilize their mental health, increase natural support, improve coping strategies, and find medications to optimize wellness.

During treatment, I help clients feel comfortable sharing honest truths and offer a safe space to self-reflect, analyze progress, and work collaboratively towards identified goals. In every case, I encourage clients to be the driving force behind their treatment plan.

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