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What to Expect as a Patient

Before beginning treatment, you’ll meet with our medical team in-person to determine whether IV ketamine is appropriate and review risks and benefits. To help create positive change, many patients benefit from seeing a therapist while enrolled in our program. While not provided simultaneously at Relief, the combination of therapy and IV ketamine can be highly effective.

We’re dedicated to building a treatment program that brings results!

Treatment is…

done in our office and given at a dosage and frequency recommended by our clinical staff. Sessions last roughly 90 minutes. The infusion lasts approximately 45 minutes, and each patient is monitored for a minimum of 30 minutes after each infusion.

Each patient…

has a unique response to treatment. A Relief clinician will monitor the effects to determine the need for added support during care.

Patients should…

plan for transportation support to and from treatment sessions. Because IV ketamine may cause drowsiness, patients should plan their day according to their infusion schedule.

We have…

private rooms featuring reclining chairs and amenities such as blankets and eye masks to enhance your comfort.
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We encourage our patients to remain active in their mental health care by seeing a therapist regularly, taking medications as prescribed, and seeking out healthy choices to maintain wellness for an extended period of time.

Paying for IV Ketamine Infusions

IV ketamine infusions are not covered by insurance, but the psychiatric care during the initial consultation is covered. Relief offers packages for IV ketamine and will discount the cost if paid in full before treatment begins. If payment arrangements are needed, financing is available with advancecard.com and mymedicalfunding.com. Active duty and former first responders, activity duty military personnel, and veterans can take advantage of our HERO discount for IV ketamine. Please ask one of our intake coordinators for details.

We’re Here When You Need Relief

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