Eric Kachold, LSW


Are depression, anxiety or emotional issues becoming a barrier to enjoying life, interfering with work or impacting your relationships? Is your mood, energy or physical health starting to be effected by the way you feel emotionally? The buildup of everyday life stress and responsibilities can feel overwhelming and at times, more than you and your support circle can manage. You don’t have to tackle your challenges alone. Asking for help is difficult and seeking out help for mental health takes strength. I will take the time to truly listen, and learn about your symptoms and situation.

In addition to medication management, I specialize in the administration of psychedelic therapy (SPRAVATO®) to patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression. I work with a wonderful team of therapists, providers and professionals who can offer additional services such as TMS treatments and psychotherapy.

As a later-in-life entrant to the field of mental health, I draw upon 35 years of diverse professional work and life experience, education to genuinely join with clients to develop a tactical approach for getting symptoms under control. Evening and weekend appointments available, either in person or virtual. Call today to take the first step toward change.

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